Find the hidden value in underused property.

Open space is valuable to each of us. Whether land is used for agricultural revenue, a piece of family heritage, or a way to connect to nature, we believe in the importance of land conservation for the health of our earth and the enjoyment of future generations

EcoMitigation Asset Advisors (EcoMAA) provides guidance to landowners interested in developing mitigation assets on their property. EcoMAA helps landowners define the mitigation opportunity on their property and then recommends a mitigation provider that is the best fit to see the project fully implemented.

EcoMAA also assists established mitigation providers with land acquisition and project management, providing complete end-to-end services for developing mitigation sites if faced with staffing, time, or knowledge constraints. 


Land that is preserved or restored to its natural state, such as wetlands, streams or ecosystems can be used to offset, or mitigate, adverse effects of nearby development. You can find hidden revenue in your underused land by designating portions for this purpose.


 EcoMAA works as an advocate to landowners who have potential mitigation projects. We research opportunities and challenges of a specific property, provide guidance to the landowner of conservation options, and recommend appropriate mitigation partners.


 Whether a provider wants to expand reach into a new market, or capitalize on a unique opportunity, EcoMAA offers a full range of site acquisition and development services. Our industry knowledge enables us to fill in the gaps and ensure a smooth project.


If you would like to know more about the mitigation banking process, or have questions about your own land opportunities, please contact us.