Your UNDERUTILIZED land might be perfect for a mitigation project.  

  • Do you have land that is underutilized or undervalued?
  • Do you wish you could monetize land that is not currently working for you?
  • Do you have land you wish to preserve as a legacy for future generations?

EcoMAA is an advocate on behalf of the landowner to help navigate the complexities of implementing a mitigation project. EcoMAA helps the landowner understand the market, the pros and cons of this type of opportunity, what is reasonable to expect for financial compensation and who is best suited to help them achieve their goals.



Industry Knowledge

The compensatory mitigation space is complex and filled with risk and uncertainty. EcoMAA will first insure that the landowner is fully aware of the risks and challenges that are a part of developing a mitigation project. 


EcoMAA understands the complexities of the industry and the motivations of the mitigation provider. EcoMAA works on the landowner's behalf to structure a deal ensuring the landowner is in the best position to benefit.

Mitigation Provider Knowledge

Not all mitigation providers are the same. EcoMAA can help steer the landowner to the company that provides the landowner the best opportunity for success.


Project Oversight 

Once a deal is executed between the landowner and the mitigation provider, EcoMAA will provide project oversight for the landowner as the project is implemented.


Incentives Structure

EcoMAA is compensated by the Mitigation Provider, not by the landowner. This creates a clear incentives structure that benefits the landowner.


At EcoMAA, we work hard to provide consistent successful mitigation projects by being an advocate for the landowner and an experienced point of contact to the mitigation provider. Positioning ourselves as the relationship manager between the landowner and the mitigation provider enables each party to maximize their opportunity and smooth out the process by having firm goals and expectations in place before beginning the project.

Our Top 3 Areas of Focus:

  1. Land Acquisition- We excel at engaging with landowners and walking them through the process of developing a mitigation project on their property. We research and explain the opportunities as well as the risks involved with their unique property. Before committing to a project, a landowner can feel confident that their individual goals are understood, and a mitigation provider can be comfortable knowing that the landowner is well informed. At the end of the day, our relationship with the landowner is our top priority.

  2. Project Management- We manage complex mitigation projects through the regulatory approval process, which can be maddening to landowners and mitigation providers alike. Because of our years of experience in the industry and strong knowledge base of regulations and land opportunities, both land owners and mitigation providers can rest easy that the project can move forward smoothly. As an advocate for the landowner, our job is to make sure the landowner's goals are always the front line of any decision. We continuously monitor to make sure landowner requirements are being met through the multi-year project. Mitigation providers can be confident working with EcoMAA as their primary point of contact. This relationship enables providers to continue smoothly through the restoration and credits process, while EcoMAA takes care of keeping the landowner up-to-date on details and schedule.

  3. Build Consensus- Often times, there is conflict between the mitigation provider and the regulatory agencies over how various aspects of a mitigation project should be implemented. At EcoMAA, we find the path forward that works to address both parties needs with common sense solutions based on compromise.

If you have questions about whether a portion of your land might be a good candidate for a mitigation project, please contact us.